Arnaud Piriou IT Engineering Student
Arnaud Piriou IT Engineering Student

Welcome to my website !

Hi, I'm Arnaud !

I am currently a 4th year student at ESIEA, an engineering school in France specialized in IT.


On this website, you will be able to find everything about me and my projects. Also, you may be able to download my CV here. Have a nice visit !


English CV
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Japanese CV
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French CV
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I am a passionate developer who loves to learn new things. I also like to create things with my new knowledge so do not hesitate to check my projects here.

Curious about computer security and virtual reality, I wanna get the most knowledge possible and experiment by myself.



At the moment

Studying as a 4th year student at ESIEA.

Current Project

I am working on a new project with some friends. We are going to create an airplaine simulator using VR. The main idea is to recreate a cockpit and to connect it to a simulator (P3D) while allowing user to dive in the simulation using virutal reality and advanced reality. You can see more about "Aura" project here.

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